I’m Bored – School holiday activities

School holiday activities from authors

School holiday activities from authors

As I write, it’s half way through the second week of the school holidays here in Victoria. In other states, it’s the first week, and in the Northern Hemisphere I believe it’s the Summer holidays. It’s usually around this time in the holidays that parents start hearing those dreaded words:

“I’m Bored.”

Never fear – your kids favourite authors could come to your rescue.

Along with heading to the library to get some books for the kids to read, many kids authors have free downloadables on their websites. These can be printed out for your kids to keep them entertained. These activities can also be used at any time of the year to give your kids something fun to do that relates to the books they are reading.

Activities are related to books and can include:

  • colouring sheets
  • activity sheets such as mazes, word searches, find a word
  • craft activities
  • recipes
  • and more

For parents, look up the website of your favourite author and see if they have some activity sheets on their websites. They may be under “Teacher Resources”, “Free Downloads”, or something similar.

For authors, activity downloads can be a great way to keep your fans interested in your books, they can also be printed out to hand out at markets, author visits, and used for other promotional purposes.

If your kids are bored, check out some of these free downloads, some are for specific books, and others are for authors and include multiple books. If your kids haven’t read any of the books yet, ask at your local library.

If you are a children’s author with free downloadables to keep the kids entertained, please add them in the comments section.

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