A revelation

Cubing inspires a story and a revelation

Cubing inspires a story and a revelation

Last night, I completed the first draft on another Green Oaks Primary School story. This one is based on a fundraiser my 13 year old did earlier this year. After not writing much for a while, it was great to have the words flowing again.

Writing this story helped me realise something about my writing process, and explain why I didn’t complete the Chapter Book Challenge this year.

If you’ve been reading for a little while, you’ll know that when I’m writing my first draft, I write each book a chapter a day using the site 750words.com. This works well for me as I can write at home or at work and don’t have to worry about version control or carrying around a laptop or USB with my current draft. I wrote Swallow Me, NOW! in my lunch break over a few weeks!

While writing the latest story, I came to realise that if I want the words to flow and get a book done in a few weeks, I need to know how the story is going to end as well as the beginning. The middle can go where it wants, but I need a vague idea how to get there.

I was joking to a friend it’s a bit like zen navigation where you get into a car and know where you’re going. Instead of looking at a map, you just drive. I’m like that with a book. Once I know where the story is heading, I can get there. The books that I haven’t finished have the same thing in common – I knew what the beginning was, but not where I was going…

In planning for ChaBooChaLite, I know I need a beginning and an end.

After writing this latest draft, I’m itching to write the next one, but I know I need to slow down a bit and get the ending of my story before I start.

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