Friday Five – Goodie Bag fillers

Friday Five – Goodie Bag Fillers

Friday Five –Goodie Bag Fillers

In my day job, I work for a company that runs a number of conferences and workshops. I have also attended a lot of events that give out goodie bags. These events can be a great way to promote your book by including something in goodie bags.

For an author, the most obvious thing to include is a bookmark.

Did you know that bookmarks can get lost in a sea of paper and other brochures?

Here are 5 things you can do to your bookmark to help them stand out.

  1. Attach Something – attach something relevant to your book with a staple or ribbon. For example, if your book is about a treasure hunt, attach a couple of chocolate coins.
  2. Inside Something – everyone loves a surprise. Include your bookmark in an envelope with something relevant to your book. For example, if your book is a romance novel, put your bookmark in a cellophane bag with some love hearts or scented bath salts.
  3. Include a sample – can you include your bookmark inside a sample of your book? Print out a sample chapter or two and put your bookmark inside.
  4. Make it Bulky – instead of simply including a cardboard bookmark, find a way to make it bulky by attaching a ribbon with some beads on the end, or similar. For example, if your book is about pirates, put a ribbon with some skull beads on the end.
  5. Something different – think outside the box and include something other than a bookmark. For example, if your book is about fairies, include a fairy wand with a sticker that has your book details on them.

Having your goodie bag filler stand out from the rest won’t guarantee book sales, but it will help people remember you. You never know who will pick up your goodie and then go out to find your book.

If you are looking for some ideas for ways to create goodie bag fillers, check out my blog at Fantastic Fillers.

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