Who do you know?

It's sometimes who you know...

It’s sometimes who you know…

Research is always fun, at least it is for me. I enjoy learning about new things, and have been known to spend so much time on my research, I never get around to actually writing anything!

Recently, I was researching something for a book, and while I have found a lot of information online and in the library, nothing beat sitting down with an expert and picking their brains.

On the weekend, I sat down with my godfather. He is in his 90s and loves old technology. He is one of the experts on Magic Lanterns and knows a lot about other old technology. It was through talking with him that I worked out some of the details for my book and worked out some of the things that my main character would have found interesting, including the detail that the lantern would get very hot and my main character burning his thumb. To help me with the next section of this story, I’m looking for an expert on silent movies – if you know anyone, please send them my way.

Depending on what you are researching, you may get further along by talking to people you know who are experts in the field you are researching. It could be anything from medical details to information about an area in the World, to games people play to the way someone talks.

You never know what people know until you ask them. If you are looking for something specific, and you’re stuck, start asking around both online and offline. You never know who will pop up as an expert in the area you are researching. They may even provide you with some details that provide a plot twist you never thought of before.

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