Friday Five – Guest blog posts

Friday Five – Tips for guest blog posts

Friday Five – Tips for guest blog posts

I mentioned in last weeks Friday Five that I was inviting some of my writing buddies to contribute their tips (the first one will start next week). I’ve hosted guest posts here a few times as well as contribute as a guest blogger to a few blogs, both as a regular contributor and as an occasional one, taking up opportunities when I find them.

Submitting a guest post on a blog is a great way to grow your profile and promote your books. Here are five tips on what to do if you are submitting a guest blog post:

  1. Know the blog – before submitting a blog post, read the blog and familiarise yourself with it so you know the sort of content they are looking for. This way, you can write a post that readers of the blog will want to read.
  2. Stick to the word count – in general, a blog post is around 300 to 500 words. There are some blogs who publish longer pieces, and others that post shorter ones. If the blog has a word limit, stick to it.
  3. Create something original – it’s not a good idea to write a single post and have it published on multiple sites. This can cause issues with search engines, but it also gives the message that you don’t value the blog that is hosting your post.
  4.  Keep your bio brief – Your bio is a place to put information about you and your books. It’s best to keep it to just a few lines and include one or two links. Most bloggers don’t appreciate it when you send a bio that is as long as your post and then followed by a dozen links to every website and social media channel you have.
  5. Get it in on time – some blogs, like the Friday Five here, don’t have a deadline as a Friday Five post will be needed every week. There are others that have a strict posting schedule. If the blog that is hosting you gives you a deadline, stick to it.

These are a few tips I have for anyone considering doing guest posts as a way of promotion. Do you have anything you would add to this list?

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