Chocolate as a writing prompt

Chocolate as a writing prompt

Chocolate as a writing prompt

Today marked the start of the Teen Writers group at my local library. I wanted something cool to start the year off – so I picked up a box of chocolates. Other than the fact that most teenagers like chocolate, there was a method to my madness.

A box of chocolates can be a great tool in your writing – and not just for snacking on! They also make great writing prompts.

I chose a box of Cadbury Favourites. Quite apart from the fact they were on special, the chocolates inside had names such as Dream, Picnic, Boost and Flake.

When I thought up this idea, I thought the kids would use the names of the chocolate, instead, they came up with some very creative ideas. These included:

  • Using the colour and shininess off the chocolates
  • Using the shape of the bar – to one kid, it looked like a treasure box
  • Using the words “Not for Individual Sale” and even the list of ingredients
  • Combining more than one chocolate so the prompt was a combination of the two
  • Using the taste of the chocolate (any excuse to eat chocolate, right?)
  • Using part of the name of the bar

There were other ideas too.

The stories the kids shared were very creative and this is one prompt I will have to remember next time I have writers block.

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