Friday Five – Finding time to Write

Friday Five – Finding time to Write

Friday Five – Finding time to Write

Welcome to a new year. One of my goals this year is getting the Friday Five humming again, and I’m inviting some of my writing buddies to help me. Keep your eye out for them.

We’ve had a lovely break over the Christmas/New Year period, but now school and other activities are starting up again. It can be hard to find time to writing.

Here are five tips that work for me to find time to write in the midst of a busy life:

  1. Carry a notebook – most of the time when I go out, I have a notebook and pen in my handbag. If inspiration strikes or I need to work on the next chapter, I can write wherever I am if I have a snippet of time.
  2. Dictation apps – a friend told me about Dragon Dictate, which turns out to be one of the apps my 13 year old needs to have for school this year! If I’m running short on time, I can speak a story and then edit it later. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t put in the punctuation.
  3. Set smaller, realistic goals – I know that I can’t write every day, some days are just too full of running around that I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I also know that setting a goal of writing 5,000 words in a sitting is unrealistic. Find the goals that work for you, rather than those that work for everyone else.
  4. Use online tools – sites such as have been useful to me as I can open it up from anywhere I have Internet access and write. I can come back to what I was writing later, or download it when I get home to add to my current manuscript.
  5. Set aside some special writing time – I’ve blogged before about having my own retreat. While I can’t do this all the time, I’ve really enjoyed it when I can and I must do it again. For me, this time is occasional, but it is fantastic when it happens.

Can you add to my list? What are your tips for finding time to write in the midst of a busy life?

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