First round of edits is the hardest…

Snapshot of my edited manuscript

Snapshot of my edited manuscript

I’ve been busy editing book 2 in the Green Oaks Primary School series lately, and on the weekend I sent the latest draft to my editor for the first time. I have been through it about three times (it could be four, I didn’t keep track), but I knew it needed another pair of eyes to find areas for improvement. I got the manuscript back today and there are suggestions on just about every page. The picture is a snapshot of the corner of one of the pages.

I remember going through Swallow Me, NOW!, each round of edits had fewer comments than the last, and it was exciting to see the changes reducing through the process.

In many ways, the first round of edits is the hardest, especially if you get to the point where you think you can’t do anything else to the manuscript. This was not the case for this book as I know it has work to be done. I even included a list of questions for my editor when I sent her the manuscript for her to work her magic.

Sometimes it can be disheartening getting back a manuscript that has been edited as it shows how much work there is to be done on a manuscript. I’ve found the best way to look at it each editing suggestion is helping to shape the story into the eventual final product that will be published and ready for you to read. That thought is quite exciting.

Right now, I have a lot of work to do on this round of edits. I’ve found that I quite enjoy this process as each time we go through it, the purple bubbles get fewer, showing me the manuscript is getting better and better.

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