Writers Reveal – Starting Out

Getting started

Getting started

It’s Writer’s Reveal time once again, and this time I set the topic: All writers start somewhere. What is the first ever piece of writing you had published?

My Mum has a trunk where she keeps treasures from my childhood (and my siblings). In there, she has the first book I ever produced. This was on bright red cardboard and was all about Nepal. This was made in around 1987 and I was probably 10 or 11. I know, this probably doesn’t count in my career as an author, but I used to love looking at it.

When I was in year 11, we had to do a Communication Project for English. This was a year long assignment and I wanted to get articles published as I was being led toward a possible career in journalism (I had no idea what I wanted to when I was in high school). I have a collection of articles that were published in the school newspaper as well as other newsletters. I had fun with this project as I spent time interviewing famous ex students of the school.

That same year, I won my first writing award for a short story, and that was pretty cool. I won an award the following year for a play. Both of these were English assignments too.

There you have it – my earliest published works. I must dig them out and scan them one day… or maybe they’re better off hidden in the trunk.


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