Signing books

Signing Books

Signing Books

At any book launch, there is a signing. For me, this was one of the exciting parts of the launch, not only was my book in print, but I was signing copies too. Mr N joined in the signing as he had done a few illustrations in the book. Most of the books he signed were for family members.

One thing I had to remember was my name. I write under my maiden name, so I had to practice my name before the launch so I was signing the correct name!

Another thing to remember is have a good pen, and a couple of back up pens so you can keep on signing without worrying about your pen running out of ink.

Getting the spelling of people’s names right is important. If you have a lot of people at your launch, have someone go down the line with post-it notes to write people’s names while they are waiting. I had a piece of paper next to me to write names if I was unsure how they were spelled. If in doubt, ask people how to spell their names.

In each book, I wrote “Happy Reading” along with their name and my signature. I couldn’t think of another message at the time. I’m sure I’ll get better over time and be a bit more creative.

As the book sales were being handled by the awesome Lea, I was able to chat to people as I signed their books and enjoy the moment. I even had someone make me a cup of tea and bring me a biscuit (a must, remember, the author needs to be hydrated too).

It was a lot of fun and I have no idea how many books I signed, maybe next time I’ll keep track of numbers…

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