Book Sales

Lea at the sales table

One important part of the book launch is book sales. From speaking with a number of authors, sales aren’t guaranteed, but you need to be prepared. Also, if you are publishing through a publisher, book sales may be organised through your publishing house rather than a job you need to do yourself.

I asked a good friend, Lea, to man the sales table for me. This way, I didn’t have to worry about signing books and selling them too.

To make things easy for her, I had plenty of change and a cash sheet where she could record the number of books sold. This way she didn’t have to worry about receipts for everyone, but I still had a record of books sold. I also had a receipt book ready for those who wanted receipts. As well as cash, I had my laptop connected to the Internet in case anyone wanted to pay with PayPal.

I had a box of 70 books that I took with me. I knew I wouldn’t sell that many books, but that didn’t matter. There was a pile of books on the table and extra’s on hand if needed.

To add to this, I had also pre-sold books through my crowdfunding campaign ready for people to pick up. Even if you don’t have a crowdfunding campaign, you can still have books available for preorder via your website when you invite people. I had books packaged in brown lunchbags with names on them, ready for people to pick up ready for signing.

At the launch, I sold quite a few books, and most of the books I’d set aside were picked up.

If you are expecting large numbers, you may want to have more helpers on the stall.

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