Food at the launch

Some of the food from the launch

Not all book launches I’ve been to have catering, however I decided I wanted some catering. The launch was planned from 1-2pm and I wanted to give people a reason to hang around during the book signing part of the day.

The library provided an urn and tea and coffee, as well as water for the kids. As hot chocolate features in the book, we also bought some hot chocolate and marshmallows for our guests to enjoy.

For food, I wanted it to be simple, as it was just afternoon tea. I bought a few packets of nice biscuits including Tim Tams and some cream biscuits (including some of my favourite Monte Carlo’s), as well as some pop corn, tiny teddies and pretzels. I laid them out on platters and covered them with glad wrap that morning so they were ready to put out when we arrived at the library.

The table was set up with the tea and coffee supplies as well as the food. The urn was hot when people arrived so they could have a drink right away, but left the food covered until after the formal part of the day.

Having people RSVP helped us estimate numbers, and it turns out I was spot on with my estimates. There was food left over and my kids enjoyed the leftovers in their school lunches, although I did keep my favourites to enjoy at work.

Whether or not you have food at your launch will be up to you. My advice is to keep it simple and easy, and, where possible, try and tie it in to your book in some way.

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