Promoting the Launch

My book launch poster

Any book launch needs people, and to get people to your launch, you need promotion. Talk with your venue and see if they can help with promotion of your launch.

I was lucky enough to have my launch at the local library, so they created some great posters for me and put them up in all the different branches and a piles of flyers to hand out. I used some of these flyers to invite friends who weren’t online such as other mums at school and after school activities, and friends from work.

I created a Facebook event and promoted it through my Facebook pages here and here, as well as posting on Twitter and other social media channels. I used my email list and the list of people who supported my crowdfunding campaign. I also told anyone I knew that I was having a book launch!

There are other things I could have done including:

  • sent a media release to the local paper
  • advertising in school newsletters
  • posters up in the local shopping centre (it is right next to the library)
  • letterbox drop

I ran out of time to do these, but they are all things you can try.

We included a RSVP request on the poster and in the invitation, more to help with an idea of numbers for catering rather than needing firm numbers. We had a number of people who replied either through Facebook, via email or directly to the library. One thing I would have asked for is an idea of where people heard about the launch for planning for next time. While most people who came were people I knew, there were quite a few faces I hadn’t seen before.

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