Finding a venue

When it came to my book launch, it was easy to find a venue – my local library was happy to host it. From the people I spoke to, book shops and libraries are often happy to host launches, however you can be creative and host your launch in a park or play centre or any other setting that is related to your book.

The venue of my book launch

If you are talking with your local library, go in and speak with the librarian. Find out who the best person to speak to is. If it’s a children’s book, the Children’s Librarian might be your best contact. If possible, get to know them well in advance of your book launch. In my case, I had spent months going in and out of the library asking for help with research for a number of projects as well as finding books for my kids to read.

When planning your launch, find a quiet time to speak with the librarian, if possible, make a time to sit down with your calendar so you can find a date that suits both you and the library. Be prepared to do some juggling so it will fit with the library’s schedule.

Work with the library on the order of events and any details such as catering. Be aware that there will be some things the library can’t provide. This will vary from library to library. For example, some may be able to provide you with an urn and tea and coffee, and others may not.

Once you have your date and time booked with the library, then you can start promoting your launch. Tune in to future posts for more on this.

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