Alternative places to buy books

Where to buy books

When you think of buying books, you probably think of heading to your nearest bookshop or going online to sites such as Amazon. There are some other places you can go to buy books, especially if you want to discover some new authors. While you can also get second hand books at some of these events, I’m thinking more about new books that can be used as gifts.

Here are just a few ideas, if you have any others, please add them in the comments.

  • Markets, fetes, fairs – if you look closely, there may be a new author at your local craft market or school fete. Buying a book at these stalls not only supports a local author or two, but they can also support the school or community that is hosting the market or fete. As well as buying the book, you can also get it signed.
  • Crowdfunding – if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I ran a crowdfunding campaign for my book, Swallow Me, NOW!. While I was researching, I bought a few books from both Pozible and Kickstarter. There are many other sites where authors list their campaign to publish their books. A number of these books have been given as gifts and have gone on to become family favourites.
  • Direct from the author – many authors have their books listed for sale on their websites and Facebook pages, along with options to have the book signed and even gift wrapping. If you are struggling to choose which of their books to get, you can send them a message to help you decide.

I’m sure there are other ideas, and I’m always an advocate of browsing in your local bookshop, but with so many books out there, not all books will be available through bookshops. Try some of these alternative places to buy books and you might be surprised what books you discover.

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