Writer’s Reveal – Halloween

Halloween – scary

It’s Writer’s Reveal time again. This month the topic comes from Ashley Howland:

It’s almost Halloween…
Do you like scary stories? What characters scare you the most? How do you create a villain???
Pretty much anything scary for this month.

This is a hard topic for me as Halloween is not something I celebrate, and I don’t enjoy scary movies or books. To be honest, they give me nightmares so I avoid them as much as I can. But the idea of writing something scary this month got me thinking.

Writing and publishing is a pretty scary process. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and much of what I’ve written never sees the light of day. It’s purely for my own entertainment, so it’s not that scary. I can write any sort of rubbish and it doesn’t matter. It’s publishing that is the scary part.

Sending your writing out into the Big Wide World, is terrifying at times. It’s also exciting and any number of other emotions, for me, scary describes it well.

During the editing process, my story goes through a number of hands including editor and beta readers, but that is quite a controlled environment. Once your book is released into the hands of those who have no connection with you, you just have to hope and pray that they enjoy your story too.

This may not be quite as scary as a Halloween story or a horror movie, but it’s still pretty scary and I’m sure it keeps many an author up at night.


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