Finally got my retreat

Got my retreat at last

Quite some time ago, I posted about planning my own writing retreat. I was surprised to see that post was done in 2012!

Since that post, I’ve been trying to find somewhere to go. It has been a bigger challenge than I expected, most places I looked at were for 2 people, and there have been other things on the weekend so it’s been hard to find a time to go. I finally got my opportunity last weekend.

It was all planned at the last minute – my brother and sister-in-law were going away and I offered to house sit for them. This had a number of advantages, including price, but I also had somewhere familiar to go.

It didn’t matter that I still had to cook my own meals – I simply stocked up on microwave meals so it wouldn’t take too much time or effort.

My weekend started out with writing blog posts for the next three weeks – all before breakfast! I spent some time reading and exploring craft markets and edited a picture book I’m working on. I was also able to get to the library for some books on Aussie Rules Football to help with the next book in the Green Oaks Primary School series.

It was a relaxing weekend and I felt I made progress on a couple of manuscripts, it was fantastic and I really want to do this again. And not leave it too long.

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