Christmas is Coming….

Books make great gifts

It seems I can’t get on Facebook lately without someone posting a countdown to the number of days or weeks until Christmas. I always take a week off that as it tells me how long it is until Mr Z turns 11!

Along with the countdown posts, there are posts about ways to save money for Christmas and reminders about starting Christmas shopping early.

I’m here to tell you that books make great gifts, and here’s why:

  • They don’t go off – you can buy them at any time of they year and they will still be in the same condition you bought them (assuming they’re stored safely)
  • They are easy to wrap – most books are a standard rectangle shape, making them easy to wrap. There are the odd exceptions, but they will usually fit easily in a bag
  • They can be read again and again – the right book will be read multiple times, either by the recipient or by people they pass it on to. It’s the gift that keeps on giving
  • It gives you some quiet time – I’m sure most parents would like a bit of quiet time on Christmas Day and books can give this. If you have kids too old for a nap, give them a book and give them some rest time to read. This works on Boxing Day as well.
  • There are a lot of books out there – because there are so many books on the market, you are sure to find a book that will appeal to even the fussiest of gift recipients.
  • They can be picked up later – I gave a book to Mr N a few years ago, it took most of the year before he read it, and he loved it when he got around to it. Books don’t have to be read right away to be a great gift

I have to admit that being in the writing community and having some great friends with awesome books makes things a bit easier when buying books for friends and family (I bought copies of Digby’s Moon Mission by Renee Price for my nephews. Renee is hoping to launch in time for Christmas this year, but if not, I can give them as gifts next year). But if you don’t have friends who are authors, it doesn’t matter, a good bookshop should be able to help you with book recommendations for everyone on your list.

Don’t forget that Swallow Me, NOW! makes a great gift for Christmas 😉

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