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Dreams coming true

It’s time once again for Writer’s Reveal. This months topic has been set by Becky Fyfe and is simply – Dreams.

I have some interesting dreams as I sleep, some that will make fantastic stories. Most recently I’ve had two that I think would turn into great romances – one set in World War 2, and the other is set in the Australian bush during bushfires. Somehow when I try to write down the dreams, they never quite come out as well as they did in my dreams…

In my waking hours, I have dreams too. Since I was at high school, I dreamed of becoming a published author. It wasn’t a dream I took too seriously as I was told that it wasn’t an acceptable career choice. If I wanted to write as a career, I’d have to be a journalist…

Right now, however, my dream is coming true. My first kids book, Swallow Me, NOW! is due for release next month and it’s the closing days of my crowdfunding campaign. To date, there have been 47 books ordered, it would be great to see there be over 50, or even 100 books ordered (my kids are teasing me about getting writer’s cramp signing them all!!). Books are going to the UK, US, Canada, and around Australia. It’s exciting and scary.

That’s the thing with dreams, when they start coming through, it’s full of mixed feelings. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. I can’t wait to have the book in my hands, at the same time, I’m scared of what people will think (even though feedback so far has been great). I’m also hoping this is the first of many books with my name on the cover, at the same time this thought is terrifying as it means my books are getting published and read.

I suppose that dreams stay dreams unless we do something about them – write them down or act on them in some way.

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And please support my crowdfunding campaign – there are only a few days to go.


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  1. This was the perfect prompt for you! Great post, and congrats. x

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