Give a kid (or a library) a book

Give a kid a book to read

If you’ve been looking at my crowdfunding campaign, you’ll see that there are options to get a book for yourself and a book for a friend. In the notes I say that if you don’t have someone to give the book to, I’ll be happy to donate it to a school or library. I have also suggested to a few friends, mostly those without children, that if they want to support my campaign but don’t want a copy of the book, I’ll be happy to donate that book too. The current tally of books to be donated is 6, and I would love this to grow.

The reason I’m doing this is twofold. The first is to get my book in schools and libraries, but the second reason is much more important.

I used to get really annoyed at the lack of variety of books in the library at my kids primary schools. My kids never borrowed books as there weren’t the books there they wanted to read and regularly on their reports there were comments like “Mr N doesn’t borrow enough books”. After talking with a number of people, including school librarians, I realised part of the problem was the school didn’t have a large budget for books, there were limited numbers of books schools could purchase each year and this meant that a lot of books were not in the library.

Over the last couple of years, I also saw notices in the school newsletter asking for donations of new books to help stock the school library! I figured if the library at my kids school needed new books, other schools would be in the same boat.

When I was doing some research, I found it wasn’t only local primary schools that needed books. There are also a number of charities that provide books to children in areas that don’t have ready access to books, and there are also children’s hospitals that need books for kids to read while they are staying there.

I decided that when I have books published, I wanted to do what I could to help these schools and libraries get new books, and what better way to send them a copy of my book?

I firmly believe that kids need books and good stories. You’ll never know what book will spark the love of reading in a child, and the best way for even the most reluctant reader to find that book is to expose them to as many different books as possible, and for that we need great libraries stocked with a variety of books.

If you are interested in supporting my campaign and would like one or more copies of my book donated to a school or library, simply pledge your support and let me know that you’d like me to donate a copy to a library somewhere. If you have a school or library in mind, let me know and we’ll send a copy to them, or you can pass it on. If you have already pledged and would like to purchase another book to donate, simply choose one of the levels for an additional copy. I would love to be sending out a big pile of books to schools for kids to read.

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