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Characters with costumes in mind

A couple of days ago, I saw a Facebook post from one of my friends looking for easy ideas for a book week costume that was quick an easy with a hair style that her father could do.

This got me thinking about the characters we create for our books, especially for those of us who are children’s authors, and with the next Chapter Book Challenge on the horizon.

For most schools, book week is a big deal with at least one day set aside for dress ups. Usually this involves the students and teachers coming to school dressed as their favourite characters from books. Some schools have competitions and prizes for various categories, although most schools have fun with dressing up.

For most parents, the best book week costumes are those that are easy to make and have some feature that stands out that can be easy to recreate.

Some examples include:

  • Specky Magee – kids can wear a footy jumper as their costume.
  • Alice-Miranda – kids wear their school uniform
  • Princesses & super hero’s – many kids have princess dresses or super hero costumes in their dress up boxes and they can be used for a book week costume

There are many other examples that come up often during book week parades.

Think about your character and how parents could create a book week costume.

For example, the main character in the book I’m working on right now, Sam, wears school uniform and a pink jacket and has her hair in braids. These things are all mentioned in the book. While the uniform is most likely to be bottle green, that isn’t what stands out.

Whatever the features are that makes your characters appearance special needs to be highlighted in your book so that readers can call on them to create their costumes. These are features that can also be highlighted on your website or blog to help parents when they are looking for inspiration for book week costumes.

Remember that book week costume’s aren’t the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a character for a book, it’s just an added bonus if it’s easy for parents to put together for their kids as it can be a way to promote your book to a new audience as some schools give kids a chance to talk about the character they have dressed up as.

What are some of your favourite book week costumes for your kids? Have you had kids dress up as your characters? How did they do?


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