Blog Post #24 – Mood music for a key scene

Soundtrack for my book

Welcome to the blog post prompt for this week. If you’re blogging along this week, or coming back another time to join in, please add your link in the comments so we can check out your blog too. If you add a link, please visit one or two of the other links and add a comment.

A few weeks ago, I suggested you choose a theme song for your main character. In your story, you may have a key scene that requires a soundtrack. Choose a piece of music for that scene and share it with your readers, along with the YouTube clip of that song.

Some scenes may already have music that you’ve written in to your book, you can share clips of those songs as blog posts in case your readers are not familiar with the songs.

If you’re not sure what scene to choose, you can ask your readers what their favourite scene in your book is, and then share the soundtrack for that scene.

If you’re having difficulties finding the perfect song for a particular scene, you can ask your readers for their suggestions and then share the most popular responses, or the one that you choose as the most fitting.

By asking your readers for their responses, you will have two blog posts – the first asking for suggestions, and the second sharing the answers.

If you are using this prompt on your blog, add your link in the comments. I look forward to hearing the music for different scenes. 


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