White Dresses – a writing prompt

The White Dress

Today was the first meeting of the Teen Writer’s Group at my local library. We talked about a number of different things, but one was about writing prompts.

I made the comment that 10 people could look at the same prompt and come up with 20 different stories. I’m sure some of them thought I was kidding.

To prove the point, I thought I’d put a list here of something I’ve been brainstorming.

Last year, I was given a prompt for The White Dress. What has happened since has resulted in 15 different stories, and counting. I’ve been brainstorming different types of white dresses. Below is a sample of the list I’ve come up with:

  • Wedding dress
  • Bridesmaid/flower girl dress
  • Tennis dress
  • Baby night dress
  • Dress on a summer day
  • Dolls dress
  • Dress ups
  • Fairy dress
  • Ball gown
  • Costume for an angel
  • Dress for a toddler
  • Dress for a débutante ball
  • Confirmation/first communion dress
  • Christening gown
  • Night dress
  • Formal dress
  • Dress in a fashion show
  • Toga

If there is a single story written for each of these, there are 18 stories already. for some of these, I’ve written more than one story, and some I’m still to write. This is just one illustration to show that a single writing prompt can have many different stories.

If you have any ideas for types of white dresses that could be added to the list, please include a comment.

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