Writers Reveal – The Story That Changed My Life

Stories that changed my life

It’s Writer’s Reveal time again. This month’s topic has been set by JC Wolfe.

To be honest, when I got this prompt, I was stuck. I wasn’t sure what to write as there have been so many stories in my life and there wasn’t one that immediately came to mind.

Some of the stories that came to mind include:

  • Storm Boy – I read this when I was about 7 and in Nepal. It was set for me by my teacher as it was an Australian book. I don’t remember much about the story itself, though I can remember it being special.
  • Love Comes Softly – This book was my first “grown up” book. I was given it in 1988 as a Sunday School prize, I was in grade 5 (I didn’t realise I was so young until I read the bookplate). I went on to collect the whole series and it got me reading as a teenager.
  • My Oma’s Story – for years I thought I was weird. The rest of my siblings were musicians and I liked to write. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I discovered my Oma had been a writer. She published her story in serial form and one of my cousins had typed it up and put it together. It was powerful for me, not so much the story itself, but the fact that I was taking after her and I wasn’t so strange after all.
  • Nothing Else Matters – this is the play I wrote in high school and the first story I won an award for. It was inspired by Tomorrow When The War Began and was written with a youth group in mind to perform it. I’m looking at turning it into a YA novel one day…

I hope you enjoyed some of the stories that had an impact on me growing up. There were others, such as reading The Hobbit when I was in grade 5, and Gone with the Wind in year 7 (in class by the way), but their stories aren’t as cool.

If you want to catch up with the other Writer’s Reveal participants and hear about the stories that changed their lives, click on the links below:

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  1. So many great books to choose from!!! I love Storm boy, I remember we used to have Marine land here and I actually fed Mr Percible (the pelican from the movie), that is the limit of my memory of that place lol!

    • Melissa says:

      That sounds awesome. I can remember being excited to see the movie, though can’t remember if it was in Nepal or when we came back to Australia… Feeding Mr Percivile must have been so cool.

  2. Great post! I did the same thing, posting a list of stories that have made a difference in my journey as a writer. I like what you did with this prompt! Well done! 😉

  3. I like this approach to the post! I recently re-read the Tomorrow series and then sped through the Ellie chronicles – still love them.

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