Blog Post #15 – Giveaway or competition

Competition or giveaway

Welcome to the blog post prompt for this week. If you’re blogging along this week, or coming back another time to join in, please add your link in the comments so we can check out your blog too. If you add a link, please visit one or two of the other links and add a comment.

Running a giveaway or competition will give you two blog posts – one to announce the competition and the other to announce the winners.

There are a two main types of competitions you can run, these include;

  • Game of chance – readers enter and there is a random draw
  • Game of skill – readers need to do something and the responses are judged, such as 25 words or less or send in a photo

With either of these, you will need to check any local laws or guidelines to make sure you are complying. Rules vary from state to state here in Australia, so it’s worth checking.

Competitions and giveaways can also help to grow your email list and followers on different social media platforms. If you are looking at building your social media followers, check the rules for the different platforms to make sure your competition or giveaway is set up correctly.

If you don’t want to run a giveaway or competition on your own, you could set up a giveaway through a site such as Goodreads, or even take part in a competition or giveaway run by another author or website, and use a blog post to let your readers know about the giveaway that is happening.

If you are using this prompt on your blog, add your link in the comments. I look forward to finding out about your competitions and giveaways.

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  1. Great simple info. I haven’t tried a giveaway yet–but looking forward to it on my blog:

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