Blog Post #11 – Interview a Character

What does your character have to say?

Welcome to the blog post prompt for this week. If you’re blogging along this week, or coming back another time to join in, please add your link in the comments so we can check out your blog too. If you add a link, please visit one or two of the other links and add a comment.

This weeks writing prompt is a bit of fun. Take some time to interview one of your characters.

Most of us would have a character profile for our main character, and this could be the basis of a character interview. Depending on who you write for, you could throw in some fun questions as well as serious ones.

Some out of the ordinary questions could include:

  • What is your favourite sandwich filling?
  • What football team do you follow? (be sure to specify which type of football!)
  • What do you want to be when you grow up (or grow down)?
  • What is your favourite drink?
  • What is your favourite book to read?
  • Do you believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny?
  • What is your ideal birthday party?

As these are fictional characters, you can ask them anything and make up the answers. If you have readers who don’t know your books, start the interview with a short introduction to the character, and end it with a link to the book this character appears in.

To mix it up a bit and have some more fun, choose one of the minor characters to interview and ask them about the main character, or even interview the villain, or one of the pets!

The key to this prompt is to keep the answers in keeping with the character in the book. There is no point in saying your character likes a ham and lettuce sandwich when they are a vegetarian in the book!

If you are using this prompt on your blog, add your link in the comments. I look forward to reading your character interviews. 

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