Blog Post #10 – Tell your readers a secret

Share a secret

Welcome to the blog post prompt for this week. If you’re blogging along this week, or coming back another time to join in, please add your link in the comments so we can check out your blog too. If you add a link, please visit one or two of the other links and add a comment.

Secrets are something you share with your best friend, and by sharing, you are bringing that person into your confidence.

For this blog post, share a secret with your readers. It could be:

  • a secret about one of your books – why you wrote it or the inspiration behind a character or setting, or something else.
  • a secret about you – maybe there’s something in your past that prompted you to write your latest book
  • a secret your character has – this could work as a teaser for your book, if people are interested in the secret, they may want to read the book

You don’t have to tell anything too embarrassing or a deep dark secret from your past, just something that people may not know that can act as a prompt for them reading more and wanting to read your books.

If you are using this prompt on your blog, add your link in the comments. I look forward reading your secrets and learning a bit more about you and your books. 


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