Blog Post #9 – Interview a reader

Interview a reader

Welcome to the blog post prompt for this week. If you’re blogging along this week, or coming back another time to join in, please add your link in the comments so we can check out your blog too. If you add a link, please visit one or two of the other links and add a comment.

For fun blog topic, contact one of your readers and interview them about your work.

To find a reader, you can do a general call out, or contact a reader who has written to you in the past. When you’ve found one and they agree to the interview, send them a few questions. As with Interview and Author, keep your list of questions short and sweet so it’s not onerous for them to answer. Also, keep them general.

When writing questions, think about the sort of information you want other readers to know. As the aim of your blog is to connect with your readers and encourage them to read your books, aim to keep them as positive as possible. Some questions could include:

  • What is your favourite book?
  • Who is your favourite character?
  • Who introduced you to my books?
  • If you could see your favourite character in another story, what would it be? (you never know, this question could prompt another book!)

Once you get the questions back, edit them for any spelling mistakes and typos (this can happen to the best of us), and format it, along with a photo of your reader. If possible, as them for a photo reading one of your books!

If you are using this prompt on your blog, add your link in the comments. I look forward to reading your interviews.

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