Friday Five – Where to find writer’s groups

Five places to find a writer’s group

Last week I wrote five reasons to have a writer’s group. Writer’s groups are all around the place, both online and offline. The challenge can be finding a group that suits you.

So, where do you find them? Here are five places you can look for a writer’s group:

  1. Local Library – many libraries have writer’s groups that already exist and most are open to new members. If they don’t already have one, then talk with your librarian as they may happy to host one.
  2. Writer’s Centre – find out if there is a writer’s centre in your city. For example, in Melbourne, there are the Wheeler Centre and the Victorian Writer’s Centre. Find out if they run a writer’s group you can attend.
  3. Facebook – there are many writer’s groups on Facebook for just about any genre you can think of and then some. Do a search in Facebook groups to find a group for you to join, or ask around to see if there are any that your friends may recommend.
  4. Writing Challenges – challenges such as the Chapter Book Challenge and NaNoWriMo have groups you can join. Many of these are online, however some also have face to face meetings too. Some are only open for the duration of the challenge, however others operate all year.
  5. Local Paper – another place to look for a writer’s group is in your local paper. Sometimes there may be articles about what the group is doing or even an ad in the Classifieds section. These should have information on where they meet and how you can join.

There are other places to find a writer’s group that will suit you and your writing. Are you part of a writer’s group? Where did you find it?

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