Friday Five – Writers Groups, why to have one

Five reasons to be part of a writers group

Writing can be a solitary business. Even if we have day jobs and families, we write in our own little space and work on our manuscripts, for the most part, on our own. Different writers have different ways of doing things, but we all write.

Being part of a writers group can be an important part of developing our writing and our career. They can take many different shapes and forms, however it is useful to be part of one, or more.

Here are five reasons it’s good to be part of a writers group:

  1. Support – sometimes it’s tempting to stay in your own bubble and beat yourself up over plot points not working, characters who refuse to do what they’re told, and rejection letters from editors and publishers. A writers group can give you much needed support through these times.
  2. Empathy – writers group members can understand the ups and downs of being a writer like no one else can, because they go through it all too.
  3. Celebrations – for all the good times, your writers group can celebrate with you.
  4. Tips – a great writers group will also share tips on writing as well living the life of a writer. They can share what has and hasn’t worked for them and may tell you some things you didn’t think of to get your writing off to a great start (or finish).
  5. Resources – there are a lot of great resources for writers out there, from blogs and articles to books and courses. Your writers group can help you by sharing and recommending resources to help you with your writing journey.

These are only five reasons to be part of a writers group. Can you add any more to the list?

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