Friday Five – Names for Characters

Five places to find character names

One thing that I really struggle with is finding names for my characters. Sometimes they just come, and other times they don’t.

If you struggle with naming your characters, or if you find yourself using the same names over and over, here are five places to help you find names for characters.

  1. Baby Name Books – there are thousands of baby name books out there. Some are general, and some are themed. Pick one up and flip through them to name your characters.
  2. Baby Name Apps – I have an app on my phone for baby names. There are hundreds of these too. It’s worth getting one on your device, especially one you can search on with different criteria, such as sex, ethnicity, year it was popular, meaning, and so on.
  3. Cemetery – headstones have some amazing names on them, especially older headstones. If you are looking for something unusual or for historical names, this is a great place to find inspiration.
  4. Books, TV shows, movies – when you’re reading or watching TV and movies, pay attention to the names of characters. There may a name that would be perfect for your characters.
  5. Other people – pay attention to the names around you. What other people have named their kids could provide inspiration for your own stories.

There are many other ways you can find inspiration for character names. Keep your eyes and ears open and start recording interesting names. You never know when they may become useful.

Do you have any places that could be added to this list?

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