Number of pages or books…

How much do you read?

I read an interesting article on Book Riot about judging people for the number of pages or number of books they read. You can read the article here. I found this particularly as Mr Z has to keep track of the number of pages he reads a day and we’ve been having some interesting discussion about this.

Both my boys are advanced readers, and they enjoy reading, as do I. We all read at a different pace.

Mr Z is a fast reader – if he has a book that interests him. He often wakes up early and will read 40-50 pages or more in an hour! This is assuming he’s really enjoying the book. Recording the pages drives him crazy and we still don’t see the point… If the book doesn’t interest him, he won’t read it.

Mr N is a slow reader. Even if he’s really enjoying the book, he reads slower. In a year, he will read less books than his brother, but that doesn’t make any difference to his intelligence or his love of reading.

As for me, I wish I had more reading time. I read fairly quickly, but in short chunks of time. I don’t get through as many books as I would like, but that’s OK.

The other thing with numbers of books is the length of the book. I can remember doing the MS Read-a-thon as a kid and being upset that I didn’t have high numbers of books like my friends did. I read more than they did, but my books were thicker and longer than theirs. I also know some kids who would read picture books to pad their numbers!

I completely agree with the original article – the number of pages or the number of books we read doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are reading. Mind you, I do have fun with the Goodreads reading goals list each year. And yes, I do add in the picture books I read to my nephews!

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