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Not quite the same sort of post…

I’ve been working on my author website. I know it’s been a while, but it’s taking us a while to find the right look for the site. Hopefully we’ll nail it soon.

Anyway, while we’ve been wading through thousands of templates for inspiration, I’ve been planning blog posts. My goals for my author website include (in no particular order):

  • Showcasing my books
  • Encouraging people to buy and read them
  • Connecting with readers
  • Support for current and future books
  • Showcasing me as a speaker

All these boil down to is connecting with readers. I’ve been brainstorming a number of different topics and I thought (just for fun), I might post the ideas on my blog here for other writers to use to inspire their blog posts. Anyone interested?

The aim for me is to have at least one blog post a week on my author site that reveals something about me and my books to readers, rather than this blog that connects more with other writers (though I know I have readers coming here too).

If there is interest, I can put a linky on the blog post, otherwise people can just put links in the comments so we can all check them out. It may be a little while before my posts will be live, however I still want to put the posts up so I don’t have an empty site when it goes live.

I hope you’ll join me. My goal is to put the post idea live on a Monday and put the actual post up by Friday.

Anyone in?

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