Something I never thought I’d never be researching…

Never thought I’d be researching this…

There’s only two weeks until the 2014 Chapter Book Challenge starts, and I’m ready. This is a great feeling as the last two years, I didn’t get an idea until after the challenge officially started.

In preparation, I’ve been researching as part of this story is something I have little knowledge about – Aussie Rules Football! More specifically about umpiring.

I have contacted the AFL with questions. I must say that they have been amazingly helpful with answering my questions. I have also been to the library to borrow other chapter books that involve Aussie Rules Football. These have been pinched by my 12 year old who is footy mad… but I will get them back so I can read them.

This is one topic that I never thought I’d be researching, mostly because football, or any sport, isn’t my thing. In fact, it’s something I actively avoid, even though I have a 12 year old who LOVES sport (no idea where that comes from!).

The thing that I’ve found is this is a good story line, something that resonates with both my kids (they are my beta testers for story ideas) and they are both telling me to hurry up and write it. The football is one part of the story, but it’s important to get the details right.

I’m sure I’m not the only one. Have you researched topics that you never thought you’d be researching? Share with me by adding a comment. I’d love to hear what you’ve researched.

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