The Talisman Chronicles – an anthology of stories written by children

The Talisman Chronicles

The Talisman Chronicles

I’m an extremely proud Mum. Back on Christmas Eve, my then 11 year old, Mr N, had two stories in a new anthology. It’s just taken me a little while to blog about it!!

The Talisman Chronicles is brought to you by the amazing team at Melusine Muse Press, the people behind two of the three anthologies I’ve had stories in, including Jingle Bells: tales of holiday spirit from around the World.

All the stories and artwork in this anthology have been created by kids, and there are some wonderful stories there. Kids have wonderful imaginations.

Mr N is very excited and we’ve had to buy a copy for us as well as tell anyone who will listen to buy a copy! He’s also looking forward to showing it to his English teacher when he starts at high school next year. He’s also asked if we can buy some books for him to sign… I’m sure we can manage that. He also wants to make sure both his primary school and high school libraries have copies! Looks like we’ll have to order a box full!

This has excited him so much that he’s planning on joining in the Chapter Book Challenge this year, expanding on one of the stories he wrote for the anthology.

Buy a copy of The Talisman Chronicles by clicking on the links below:

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