A-Z of primary school

Asking kids to design gadgets?

I’ve been doing the Start The Year Off Write challenge the last couple of weeks. Prompt 14 included writing an A-Z list (you can read the whole prompt here).

With the chapter book I’m working on, it’s set in a primary school and deals with the issue of bullying. I started brainstorming words to do with primary school to see if there are other issues that could be explored with the same characters. Here’s what I have come up with so far, there are a few gaps I would really appreciate some help filling. If you can think of some words to be added, please add them to the comments and I’ll edit the post to come up with a list. Feel free to use these words as prompts in your own writing too.

– Allergies, anxiety

B – Bullying, boredom

C – Camp

D – Dyslexia

E – Extension programs, Extracurricular activities

F – Friendships

G – Glasses

H – Homework

I – Illness

J – Junior school, Jokes

– Kids

L – Loneliness, Lunches

M – Monday

N – New kid,

O – Obesity

P – Popularity

Q – Quiet

R – Reading

S – School refusal

T – Technology

U – Uniform

V – Violin (music lessons)

W – Words, Water taps

X – Xylophone, eXercise

Y – Yellow

Z – Zany

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  1. Hi Melissa. Good luck with this book idea, I think it could be a big hit! How about these:
    J is for jokes (the ones played on others that aren’t so funny), or jitters (how you feel before an important event).
    X is for exercise (teasing the ‘fat kid’) or excuses (why we say and do what we sometimes say and do)
    Z is for zany (when you’re just a little bit different from everyone else, it can be good thing too)

  2. Great words! I hope that lots of stories come from the prompt.

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