January Writer’s Reveal

Wishes for 2014

It’s time for the first Writer’s Reveal on 2014. This time, JC Wolfe has set the following topic for me:

A brand new year, a brand new start.
What brand new wishes fill your heart?

Here goes:

I wrote a post on New Years Day about looking forward to 2014. There are a lot of other things that I wish for this year, both for me and my family. I’ll start with the boys.

Mr N – he is starting year 7 this year, which means high school. Last year he was starting to get bored, wanting a new challenge. My wish for him is that he has a wonderful year at high school and he’ll get the challenges he is looking for. I also wish that he will continue his love of writing and drawing. Just before Christmas, he had two stories published in the Talisman Chronicles and he’s also signed up for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge.

Mr Z – he is starting grade 5 this year. In 2013, he came down with glandular fever and effectively missed a term of school. My first wish for him is health, that he will be able to go back to school and have a wonderful year. Every other wish I have for him is related to this, including love of piano and music, and, of course, lizards.

For Me – being a working single Mum is a challenge, especially trying to fit everything in. My biggest wish is for time and wisdom. Time to do what I need to do, and wisdom to make the most of that time. Also to have an amazing year so that this time in 2015 I look back with a smile.

What are some of the wishes of your heart?

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  1. Time and wisdom. I like. My Writers Reveal topic was quite similar this month! To be expected in January.

    I hope your wishes – for you and your boys – are fulfilled.

  2. Beautiful wishes! I hope all your wishes for this year are fulfilled. Blessings to you and your family, and Happy New Year! 😉

  3. My 11 year old, Gabby, has joined the 52-week illustrations challenge too, but she hasn’t drawn anything yet. That won’t stop her though because she regularly will sit down and draw dozens of things in one sitting.

    Good luck with your goals for 2014!

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