Organising my drafts

Organising my drafts

I’ve spent part of the weekend editing my chapter book ready to send off to my editor (it went off this afternoon… I hope she likes it).  After I sent it off, I realised I have a print out of my book, all 63 pages of it, that is scribbled on with pencil, that was taking up space on my coffee table.

When I’m cleaning up, I often find drafts of various manuscripts floating around. I’m never sure what to do with them, they usually end up in the shredding!

This afternoon, I read a post about editing and learning when to stop revising and the writer mentioned what she does with drafts that have been written all over, and this has given me an idea.

I have a filing cabinet that is nearly empty, so I’ve created a drop file per story to put these drafts in to. On the top of the drafts, I’m putting the date it was edited so I can keep track of which is the most recent draft. There are quite a few drafts that I’ve forgotten when they were edited, so I’m starting dating them from today.

For my chapter book, I’ve put the draft in an A4 size envelope with the name of the story and edited date on the front. I aim to store them with the most recent draft first. Most picture books are only one or two pages, so they can be filed on their own without the envelope. I must remember to keep any A4 envelopes that come through the house for this purpose.

To be honest, I have no idea how this will work, but that’s the plan… I hope that this will keep the drafts from floating around and will show an interesting evolution of my books. I thought I’d share this as it may be useful to some of the other writers out there.

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