The Case of the Missing Manuscript

The case of the missing manuscript

Yesterday, I had some quiet time in the afternoon – perfect for doing some editing and writing some blog posts. I had only one problem – I couldn’t find my manuscript!

I had printed it out so that I could edit it, sharp pencil in hand to make any changes that needed to be made. Mr Z then went and got his hands on it, because he wanted to read it! He read it quite quickly, picking up errors on the way, then kept it in his room! I searched all around the place for it, not realising he still had it. Mr N has been wanting to read it as well, but has been sidetracked with the cricket.

The manuscript was found under a pile of Mr Z’s Christmas presents, including the books he’d been given. I’m pretty sure it was just where the manuscript lay, however part of me thinks that maybe he’s trying to tell me something – that this story belongs under a pile of books in a child’s bedroom…?

For now, the mystery has been solved and the manuscript is now sitting on the couch ready to be edited, unless, of course, Mr N gets his hands on it and starts to read…

My next mystery is to find a sharp pencil. I can find texta’s, crayons, coloured pencils, pens, and all manner of other things, just not the pencil I’m looking for! One of my Facebook friends suggested I should use a red pen, but I can’t find one of them either…

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