Friday Five – Book Sales part 1

Boosting face to face book sales

A few people in the Chapter Book Challenge group have asked me to share some tips on getting book sales. I thought this would be a good place to start.

I have been ordering print copies of Teapot Tales: a collection of unique fairy tales and have a box of Jingle Bells: tales of holiday spirit from around the World on it’s way to me. For Teapot Tales, I’ve had to order three times!

Here are five tips for getting book sales. This is more to the print copies of books you have on hand.

  1. Have books with you – quite a few sales have come as a result of me having books with me. They have been impulse purchases by friends and acquaintances who have been told I have stories in an anthology.
  2. Tell everyone – this is related to point one. Get excited about being a published author and tell everyone about it. You never know who will open their wallet and buy a copy.
  3. Carry change – this is one point where I slip up as I have missed a few sales because people only have a $20 note. So, make sure you carry change with you.
  4. Keep your stock levels up – you never know when someone will say “I want to get one for each library branch” (yes, this has happened to me!), or even “I want a signed copy for each kid” (this has also happened through friends of my kids). If your stock levels get low, be sure to order some more copies.
  5. Carry a pen – there’s something special about a signed book, especially if it’s personalised. This could be the difference between someone buying a copy off you or just heading off to Amazon, or even forgetting to buy a copy altogether!

For those of you with print books to sell, I hope these tips will help with getting face to face sales of copies of your book. If you have some tips to add to this list, add them in the comments.

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  1. Good advice to note, for when I’m published. Thanks Melissa.

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