Crowdfunding a picture book

Crowdfunding with Julie Hedlund

While writing my various manuscripts, I’ve also been investigating different publishing options. When I first started writing & submitting to publishers back in 1995 or so, there was really only one option as self publishing was way too expensive. Recently, self publishing is becoming more realistic with crowdfunding.

As well as self publishing, hybrid publishing is emerging as a real option for publishing. This is where the amazing Julie Hedlund comes in. I hadn’t heard about hybrid publishing until she started talking about crowdfunding her latest picture book, My Love for You is the Sun. Julie has a wonderful series of posts about why she is crowdfunding her book, and you can read part 1 here. It is worth following these through and reading all the posts to get a “backstage view” of why she is going down this route.

It’s been exciting following her journey on her blog. Her Kickstarter campaign is now live and is well worth supporting. I love how it added the postage to Australia on to the pledge amount so that I can still get a copy of the book sent to me here (Julie is in the US).

As well as her blog posts, she is documenting her journey to create a course about crowdfunding for writers. I’m sure this is going to be a wonderful course full of some wonderful tips and ideas to help authors use crowdfunding to fund their own projects. When it launches, I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

Now, back to Julie and her book. This looks like it’s going to be a beautiful book. The image that has already been created is stunning and the text is lovely. I wish it had been published a few years ago when my kids were really little. Even though they are older, I’m looking forward to reading it with them when it’s published next year (see I’m certain Julie will reach her goal). If you love beautiful picture books, head over and support Julie’s Kickstarter campaign and be one of the first to get a copy of My Love for You is the Sun.

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