Writing Sprints

Writing sprints – help to get it done

Recently I’ve discovered writing sprints. To be more accurate, I have rediscovered them.

The first ones I discovered were to write until you got to 1000 words. I don’t think I really participated – possibly because trying to get to 1000 words in a sitting seemed daunting at the time.

The ones I’ve been doing recently, however, seem right up my alley right now. Someone says “Go” and we write for a set amount of time. Generally this is 20 or 30 minutes. The aim is to write as much as possible in the time. Whoever started the sprint says “Stop” at the end of time and we check in with a word count or a general comment on how we went in the sprint.

These sprints are great for a number of reasons:

  • Support from others – having other writers sprinting along side me keeps me going for the allotted time. This keeps me writing.
  • Time period – the time period varies, and can be flexible to fit in with however much time I have.  A short burst of half an hour & get to wherever I get to suits my daily timetable.
  • My own word goals – some sprints I get a lot of words, and others my word count is lower. Because the sprint is the time rather than the number of words, it doesn’t matter how many words I write.
  • My own project – right now, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo, but that doesn’t matter. Everyone is working on their own projects, whether it’s a novel, poem, non-fiction, short story, blog post, or anything else. It doesn’t matter, we are all working on our own projects.
  • Accountability – while I could lie when it comes to the end of the time, I know that I’m only fooling myself. The end of sprint check in is important as it means I’m accountable to complete the sprint.
  • Applause – as everyone checks in at the end, people are congratulated on their efforts, no matter how many words are written. This helps an otherwise solitary pursuit feel like we are really part of a team and it encourages us all to keep going.

At the moment, I’ve been doing sprints on Facebook with the Dark Fairy Queen and her Brilliant Minions. There are also sprints on Twitter. You never know when a sprint will pop up, and if you’re ready to sprint and no one has started one, then start one yourself. For me, these are an invaluable tool to help me meet this months writing challenge.

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  1. Hey Melissa!

    So glad to hear the writing sprints are working for you. We love having you over at #DFQHBM – be sure to follow the #teamDFQ tag on Twitter to keep up on writing sprints from fellow Minions there too.


  2. What a great idea, I can completely see how this would be so encouraging and get you writing a certain amount of words each day no matter how distracted or busy you are. Thanks for the intro!

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