Halloween Trick or Treat for book marketing

Trick or treat to promote your book

Halloween isn’t my thing. It wasn’t something I grew up with and it’s not something we’ve got in to, even though it’s starting to be a bigger event in Australia over recent years.

I’ve seen a huge variety of blog posts and social media updates about Halloween – swinging from love it to hate it. Whatever you think, Halloween trick or treaters could be a fun way to promote your book, especially if you are a children’s author.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Bookmarks – instead of giving lollies, give kids a bookmark that promotes your book. If you are out, leave a pile of them on your doorstep inviting kids to take one. If you need to give something sweet, attach a wrapped chocolate or lolly to your bookmark.
  • Stickers – have you got some stickers made up about your book? Give these to trick or treaters. They could be something as a stand alone item, or stick them on a lolly or chocolate when you give them out.
  • Book – if you have it in your budget, give the kids a book. This could be one of yours or another little book you’ve purchased for the occasion. If the book isn’t one of yours, include a sticker in the front letting the kids know this was a gift from you and include your web address so kids and parents can look up your books.
  • Anthology – if you want to have a bit of fun, create an anthology of short stories, either just by you or get together with some of your fellow writers, to create an anthology of stories you can print and give away. If you get together with fellow writers who are also giving them away, you can get an even wider group of kids reading your work. As this is a giveaway, you could have as few as 5 or 6 stories in there, rather than a full size anthology.

Of course, you could just give sugary treats to the kids, but giving a book, bookmark or sticker could be a healthy alternative, especially given the worry about childhood obesity. These items will also last a bit longer than chocolate or lollies.

(Never fear, Friday Five will be back again next week.)

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  1. Great post, Melissa! I love marketing posts inspired by the holidays. I happen to love Halloween, too. So good on you for getting in the spirit, even though this really isn’t your holiday!


  2. great article! one caution though, giving a kid a bookmark or sticker without the candy is likely to get your house egged! LOL!

    • LOL, Debbie. Here in Australia, trick or treat isn’t a big deal in most places 🙂 I wrote this after I saw a lot of articles and Facebook updates complaining about the amount of sugar kids were getting.

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