The White Dress – please help

The White Dress

Over the last few months, I’ve been writing a series of flash fiction pieces with the theme of “The White Dress”.

Each piece has a white dress in there somewhere. In some, the white dress is the focus of the story. In others, the white dress is mentioned in passing – as a prop or something in the background. The common thread of all these stories is the dress.

This all started when I saw a writing prompt of “Write about a white dress”. This has been a lot of fun and I currently have around 14 stories. I would love to get this up to 30+ stories so I can put together an anthology of these stories. But I need some help.

I am looking for some more ideas of where you would wear or see a white dress, other than a wedding dress. I would let you know what I have already, but that may spoil the brainstorming.

If you would like to help and have some suggestions, please add a comment. You can be as general or specific as you like (in one story, the white dress is actually a torn piece of fabric from a dress!).

I look forward to reading your suggestions, and the stories they will prompt.

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  1. Cecilia Clark says:

    confirmation(catholic and church of E)
    Debutante balls
    Summer parties
    Dancing in the moonlight
    sacrificial ceremonies
    druid ceremonies
    photo shoot(model)
    maypole dance
    in a play as the snow queen
    a film premiere
    an awards night
    whenever you want to
    trying on the wedding dress on the 20th anniversary
    fundraising event ‘bride of the year’

  2. My immediate thoughts having, as always, been discounted as too obvious, I thought of a couple that I might write with this as a prompt.
    A ‘Picture of Dorian Grey’ type story where the changing colour of the dress revealed something about the character of the protagonist.
    A humorous piece where the whiteness of the garment is paramount, detailing the scrapes and obstacles that need to be overcome to preserve this.
    A cross cultural piece of family conflict where the focus was the wish to wear a white dress in circumstances where it was not traditional (a western funeral?) etc.
    Good luck with the project. I look forward to seeing it. 🙂

  3. Some thoughts…you may or may not already have!
    Some great ones above too by the way…

    A Summer night, I like the idea of a white dress in the Summer rain too
    Nurses used to wear white dresses as uniform
    A medic in an Asylum
    Snow Queen
    1960’s Mary Quant minidress (with white knee-high boots)!
    Sacrificial virgin (if that’s appropriate…maybe not, maybe!)
    A Doll’s dress
    A marble sculpture
    A fairy dress made of white rose petals or similar!

  4. A baby dedication
    what’s the rule about not wearing white after labor day? That just might be an American thing, IDK
    snow white? Did she wear a white dress? Again, IDK
    I think the person before me came up with a good list
    I’d add to her list: passing down a wedding dress to a younger generation
    Would a queen faerie wear white?
    Love the idea of dancing in the moonlight lol
    A winter ball?
    That’s all I have at the moment. Good luck with this. Fun idea.

  5. I think I’ll add to the great suggestions above and say
    renewal of wedding vows/blessing of the vows
    Winter fairy
    Winter ball
    prom (I know some girls who wore white)

  6. You could see a ghost in a white dress too.

  7. Oh, and as a burial dress

  8. Alex Brightsmith says:

    A large bath towel or hastily snatched sheet. A dress that has been accidentally bleached or faded (as my sister and I used to say sadly after one hot wash too many, Mother washes whiter). An old-fashioned petticoat, so substantial that it is mistaken for a dress. A belligerent small boy who has been cast as an angel. Good luck & have fun!

  9. The polar bear princess. The ice planet girl. The moon witch.

  10. If it can be even a torn piece of fabric, you can do anything!
    I think immediately of Saruman’s robes that changed from white to multi-coloured. Or Gandalf the White.
    Perhaps a fuzzy bathrobe.
    Jesus wears white robes a lot in paintings. He’s often portrayed on the cross with a white cloth.
    A lamb has a wooly white coat.
    A decorative pillow that reminds someone of a dress.

    Hope that sparks some more thought!

  11. A favourite white dress that is shared among best friends when they travel around the world, kind of like Yahoo Sisterhood of the travelling Pants. Young girls have such romantic notions, they might pass it on to a friend after they have worn it on a date with a new love and it bought them good luck. Maybe like students who have studied together for years then returned to their homeland. Good luck with whatever you choose, I loved the comments from previous posts

  12. Sakuntala Gananathan says:

    I find the previous contributors have covered your theme well.
    How about a bad fairy disguised in white but just before she casts her evil spell, her dress turns black and she is exiled? Or the protagonist is asked to wear her grandmother’s wedding dress, but she would rather go for a new one.
    Best of luck.

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