The Gingerbread Ruin- #AMMC-DFQ

The Gingerbread Ruin…

This is my second story for the AMMC anthology. I wrote the first draft for the Flash Fiction Challenge I gave myself in September. The prompt is the picture in this post.

First up, the stuff that has to be there:

Story Title: The Gingerbread Ruin

Author Name: Melissa Gijsbers

eBook? Yes, and print if we get enough stories!

Genre: Family

Dedication: To my two gorgeous boys who are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for my writing. And to my Mum, who made the original house that collapsed!

Words: 535

Now that’s out of the way, on to the story:

The Gingerbread Ruin

It was Christmas Eve. Sarah and her husband, Chris, had tucked the kids in to bed after the midnight service at church, completed their Santa duties and were relaxing with a glass of wine before heading to bed themselves. One year, they had tried to fill the stockings before they went to the service, but hadn’t been able to keep the kids out of the lounge room, resulting in three very excited children who were unable to go to sleep.

“Is the gingerbread house meant to look like that?” Chris asked as he finished his wine. Sarah looked over at the bench where they had left the decorated house, ready to take it to Chris’ family to be the centrepiece of the Christmas table. Sarah and the kids had spent yesterday afternoon stocking lollies on every available surface. Now it sat there, looking more like a ruin that you’d see in a tourist guide book. The roof had caved in and there were stray lollies on the tray.

“Not really, it’s meant to be standing up.” Sarah nearly stuck out her tongue at Chris as he knew how it was meant to look. “The kids will be so disappointed. They worked so hard.”

“Must be the humidity,” Chris said. “It’s been pretty humid lately.” Sarah had to agree. Christmas in Melbourne is usually hot, however this year it was more humid than usual. “Can it be fixed?”

“Not easily,” Sarah replied after she’d had had a good look at it. Chris even tried to lift the roof into place. “What are we going to do?” She looked at the clock. It was nearly 2am; no time to make another one, besides she didn’t have all the ingredients and the kids had eaten any of the leftover lollies. She had a good look through the kitchen cupboards. “Maybe if I made some more icing, we could stick it back together?” She said more to herself than to Chris. She glanced over at the gingerbread ruin and shook her head. The gingerbread looked too soft to stand up, even after being reinforced with extra icing.

“What are you doing?” Sarah heard a noise. Turning around she saw her husband going through the kids’ toy box. “This is no time to play, I thought you were going to help me.”

“I am.” Chris replied, continuing his search. “Have a look at this.” He held up one of their son’s plastic dinosaurs in triumph before placing it on top of the ruined gingerbread house. “It’s not quite Godzilla, but it might do the trick.” He grinned like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Sarah burst out laughing. “It’s just perfect.” She said, grabbing a small piece of tinsel off the floor, wrapping it around the dinosaur’s neck. Reaching for some of the debris around the ruin, she took a smartie and put it in the dinosaur’s mouth. “Finished!”

“This is certainly a centrepiece with a difference.” Chris said, wrapping his arm around Sarah’s shoulders and kissing her on the top of her head. Sarah agreed.

After a few minutes, they headed off to bed and some well-deserved sleep. They couldn’t wait for their kids reaction in the morning.


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This book is now available. To get your hands on a copy, use the links below, or head over to my shop to get a signed print copy.

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  1. Christmas Dino attack. Love it!

  2. I love this idea. What a wonderful way to redeem a Christmas project!

  3. An inspired idea! Out of the disaster, a dinosaur rises and saves the day. Brilliant. x

  4. That’s so cool…I get so depressed when the creativity fails…why not get more creative! I’ll remember this next time something collapses, brilliant!

  5. So fun! Such a creative husband.

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