Friday Five – Random Conversations

Inspiration from random conversations

Random conversations can provide great inspiration for your writing. These can be overheard in any number of places or even be conversations you are part of. They can be used in many ways, here are five to get you started.

  1. The other end of the line – if you hear a telephone conversation, what is happening on the other end of the line?
  2. What happens next? – write about what happens after the conversation ends. You could pick one person in the conversation or follow all the participants.
  3. What is the cause? – write about what happened before the conversation started. What brings the participants together and what started the conversation?
  4. Tell it differently – depending on how much of the conversation you hear, is there a way you can tell it differently?
  5. The scene – is there a way the characters in your current work in progress can have this exact same conversation? Or use the conversation to spark something new.

Do you have some other ideas how you can use random conversations you overhear in your writing? Add them in the comments.

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