Chat with my boy

My gorgeous little man

Nearly 2 months ago, my 9 year was diagnosed with glandular fever. He was off school for three weeks, and now is only going to school part time while he recovers.

In the car today, we had the following conversation:

Me: I need to get writing, I have to finish 3 stories next week.

Mr Z: What for?

Me: Another anthology, if they get enough stories it’ll be in print as well as an eBook.

Mr Z: You should do an anthology of your own, you’re an awesome writer.

Me: I’m planning to, I need some more stories.

Mr Z: You could do one with 5 stories…

Me: I’m aiming for 30.

Mr Z: Awesome Mum, you can do it.

Right now, I’m feeling so encouraged by my gorgeous 9 year old son. He’s already excited about my stories in Teapot Tales, and that the school librarian read them out to his class. He’s looking forward to seeing a lot more books by Mummy on the bookshelves.

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  1. Awesome – isn’t it nice when your family encourages you. 🙂

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