Friday Five – Story Starters

Getting Story Starters

Story starters are a great way to kick start your writing if you are stuck. This could be if you are looking for a new story to start or even if you have a case of the dreaded writer’s block.

Where do you find these story starters? Here are five tips for finding story starters for your writing.

  1. Internet Search – one of the most obvious ways is to do an Internet search for “Story Starters” or “Writing Prompts”. There are hundreds of sites out there offering story starters or writing prompts.
  2. Old Christmas, birthday or post cards – do you have old Christmas, birthday or post cards around the place? The pictures on these can inspire a story. Put them in a pile and pick one at random and see what it inspires.
  3. Clip Art Images – if you have a favourite clip art site, type in a random word and see what images come up. Pick one to use as inspiration for your story.
  4. Random conversations – if you are able to, set yourself up with a notebook or your laptop and listen to a conversation. Use the conversation as a story starter.
  5. Fan Fiction – do you have a favourite book, TV show or movie? Use those characters and write some fan fiction. These may spark your next bestselling novel.

There are many other ways to find story starters. Do you have some that you would like to add to the list? Add your favourite story starters including any links in the comments.

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  1. Great ideas – I have also found some amazing inspiration in graveyards. And not for horror stories either. Take a look at some of the inscriptions – really moving and clever and funny and loving. Great food for a writer.

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