Friday Five posts – starting next week

Friday Five posts – starting next week…

We are currently at Sydney Airport on our way home from a lovely holiday, killing time waiting for our connecting flight. While away, I got inspired and wrote a series of “Friday Five” blog posts in a Word document. These are simple posts – five points on a random topic. Most have something to do with writing based on what I do in my own work that I thought you may be interested in.

When I get home again, I’m going to start scheduling them for Friday’s.

This has 2 purposes. The first is there will be a regular post once a week, the second is that these are really easy posts to write, all I need is a topic that has at least 5 points!

They are on pretty random topics, but I hope you’ll find them interesting and will enjoy reading them on Fridays 🙂 I have no idea how long these will go for… but you never know. If you have any topics to suggest, just add a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with.

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