Planning my author website

Planning a website

A while ago, I posted about needing a new website when I get published, one that is more about my books than about writing. Now that I have a book published, it’s time to create the website.

I have the domain and hosting. I have someone amazing creating a template. I even have a mailing list that is currently small, but growing. Now I need to create content so that it’s not a blank site when it launches!

There are some obvious pages to create – information about me and my books, and events page for any book signings or events I’m going to be at (this will be live when there is actually something to promote). After that, I’m not sure what else to add that would be useful for readers.

As I have amazing people reading this blog, I thought I’d put it out there and ask all of you what you would like to see on my author website. I write a number of different things – from children’s stories to business books, from flash fiction to chapter books and novels. I want the focus to be more on the readers of these books.

Please help me with my planning and add a comment with something you would like to see on my author page, or even a question or idea of what I can add to my About Me page.

If you want to head over to and join the email list, that would be great.

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  1. I signed up. I’m in the process of making an author site, too, so I’m interested in what you find out people are looking for. Please share! I made a rookie mistake with my first book and made a website for the book. Plus, my first book was Women’s Fiction and my second (through 4th since it’s a planned trilogy, books 2 & 3 are in the works) was YA. I’m confusing, which makes creating a website confusing.

    Wishing you all the best with yours. I signed up!

    • Thanks Tia. When I’ve worked it all out, I will share what I’ve learned as I’m sure it will help other authors 🙂

  2. why don’t you look at some authors’ sites that you admire and see what sort of things they have on their sites? Mem Fox’s site is amazing, bound to get some ideas there. Neil Gaman is great at promoting his events. And so on.

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